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Pure 14kt & 18kt White Gold Earrings For Women & Girls at Very Affordable Prices

Tradition Comes Beyond Your Happiness Wearing Artisan Earrings

An Artisan white gold earning is a good gift to your mother, daughters, friend, girlfriend, wife; you can select the one that fits her the best to express your love and care. Suitable for many occasions: daily wear, wedding, anniversary, engagement, party, concerts and special occasions


When the work is done, the fire is lit, and the blanket is laid out, a pair of White Gold Earrings goes on hand to complete the picture. With a frame of delicate gold and delicate stones, these hoops are lightweight and comfortable. 


Finish your outfit with the exciting and beautiful glint of gold. White Gold Earrings add a luxurious touch that is fun and easy. They are not only great for day-to-day wear but will also look great when paired with other white gold jewelry pieces, like matching bangles and pendants. Choose from a variety of sizes, styles, colors and designs and find the perfect pair!

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