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Buy 925 Sterling Silver & Gold Bangles Online at Best Prices from India

925 Sterling Silver Bangles for Women That Is Perfect For Every Occasion

The use of silver can be traced back to more than two thousand years. It was used by Ancient Mesopotamians in jewelry, coins, and tablets. We use 925 sterling silver in the combination of various semi-precious and precious stones that give your arm a delicate look.


The Sterling Silver Bangles are handmade by the best artisans in Rajasthan, using skilled techniques passed down through generations. These bangles are made with love and care. Each item is handcrafted with natural materials, prepped, and worked on by hand, before being polished to perfection.


Artisan Silver Jewel; Bangles, made of silver in various stones, shapes, and cuts with some semi-precious stones. This means that no two pieces are the same. The natural gemstones and materials we use may have small flecks or scratches, which we believe add to their beauty. We hope you agree!

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